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Primarily Supernatural, with a bit of Welcome to Night Vale, BBC Sherlock, LOTR, Merlin, Avengers, Doctor Who and associated actors.

This is a personal blog and potentially NSFW.
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I went to the worst of bars hoping to get killed but all I could do was to get drunk again.

Charles Bukowski

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Actor Tom vs Real Tom

Espionage and Intrigue Tom vs. On the Pink Sands of Barbuda Tom

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Gustavo Cerati
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Opportunity comes but does not linger.
—Nepal Proverb

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"I had a place once, for poetry and solitude. It remained untouched, silent, its intended purpose flickering off into nothing, even as I screamed out for the release.

All purpose is meaningless.”

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My god, I need an escape.

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So you were at Wendy's with Wendy :P


And she dropped her strawberry lemonade right into the tiniest hole without even taking a sip first « 

That’s some skill right there.

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That sounded weird? As if we'd ever care about anything sounding weird :P

…Very true. 

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